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Welcome to The Study, a Pagan Library where you will have access to various e-Books, Essays, & Reference Materials.  You can also request to have your personal essays, e-books, and written works to share with others in the Pagan community.  Please email your submissions to
FAQ's: Wicca; Shamanism; Paganism
by Gordon Ireland

by Gordon Ireland

The Sabbats
by Gordon Ireland

The Dark Goddess: She Is Significant
by Matomah Alesha
Open Letter From a Witch
by Unknown

by Anti Essays

Submit Your Personal Essay or e-Book

If you have personal knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about any particular Pagan subject.  Please submit your e-Book and/or Essays to be viewed and or purchased here in The Study.  Any and all submissions are welcome, so long as your views are not being directly derogatory to any person, place, religion, or group.  All works submitted will be made available on this site as they are.  Owners of the works can submit any updates as they deem necessary.  Simply send your Name (How you wish to be known as the author), Email Address, Asking Price (if any for your work), and a Copy (as an email attatchment) to:
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