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Madame Endora's Book of Fortunes


A Guide to Mystical Wisdom Throughout the Ages

This guidebook to Madame Endora's Fortune Cards offers insightful advice concerning matters of love, money, health and general prosperity with detailed definitions of the cards and their meanings as well as various divinatory spreads. This book also contains Madame Endora's Wisdom of the Ages, offering illustrated chapters on various means of divination, such as astrology, palmistry, phrenology, dreams and pendulums, in addition to mystical alphabets, rune magic, love spells and charms, candle magic, alchemy, gemstones, I Ching, the Kabbalah, labyrinths and sacred Yantras. The symbolic artwork is based on Old World myth and lore, and blends Egyptian, Celtic and Fantasy themes in an elegant Art Nouveau style.


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Condition: New
ISBN: 9780982489956
Published: 2019
First Published: 2019

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 May, 2020.

Authors Info

Christine Filipak
Christine Filipak
Christine Filipak combines a subtle blend of fine art techniques and digital wizardry to create elegant and timeless imagery. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University and professes to be a voracious bookworm with a deep fascination for ancient cultures and historical horror novels. In 1992, she joined Monolith Graphics as art director and production manager, and throughout the years she has also taken on the roles of business manager and media coordinator for everything that Monolith Graphics produces. Christine's talents are utilized in the graphic design, layout and pre-press production of everything Monolith publishes. Her other credits include co-writing and co-editing the gothic anthology Tales From The Dark Tower, as well as creating and managing the various Monolith Graphics and Nox Arcana web sites. In 2003, Christine created and produced the lush artwork for Madame Endora's Fortune Cards for which she cites Alphonse Mucha, master artist of the Art Nouveau movement, as her primary inspiration. This unique oracle is now available as an Apple iPhone application. Christine loves animals, cats in particular, and supports the efforts of the ASPCA, The Humane Society, and Mercy For Animals.

Jospeh Vargo
Jospeh Vargo
Joseph Vargo has been bringing his original and compelling creations to life through a wide variety of media for two decades. This world-renowned fantasy artist is truly a Renaissance man, with talents that encompass artwork, music, and literature. His gothic visions open a gateway to the darkside and dare the viewer to venture within. His chilling, mist-shrouded world of forlorn ghosts, brooding vampires, living gargoyles and other creatures of the night have earned him an immense and loyal following, with fans reaching from every corner of the globe. Joseph Vargo achieved international acclaim in 1993 with the release of a series of artistic works entitled "Born of the Night," a title which has become synonymous with his gothic empire. His artwork has been featured in Spectrum's international collection The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art, in Dark's Art Parlor Dark Visions collection, and in numerous other horror publications including 32 covers and countless illustrations for Dark Realms Magazine, Vampir, and the UK’s Bite Me. His artwork has been featured in productions by broadcast and film companies such as NBC, Universal, A&E, 20th Century Fox and The Discovery Channel. In 1998 and 1999, Joseph Vargo produced, financed, directed and performed on the gothic-themed albums, Born of the Night and Realm of Shadows, drastically changing the sound and style of music previously used by the Halloween industry. In 2003, he founded Nox Arcana with fellow musician William Piotrowski. Nox Arcana is renowned for their haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes, classic horror references, and strong literary influences. Vargo has produced and composed a total of 18 full-length albums: 13 Nox Arcana albums and 5 albums with other recording artists, including Michelle Belanger and Jeff Hartz of Buzz-Works. Vargo has also contributed music and narrations for various bands including Legion of the Damned and Acid Witch. In addition to music, Vargo has created various artistic and literary projects including Tales from the Dark Tower and The Gothic Tarot. His artbook, Born of the Night: The Gothic Fantasy Artwork of Joseph Vargo, features a collection of over 100 paintings and illustrations from about 1988 to 2005. Vargo's latest book, The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror, contains 13 sinister stories including the novella that chronicles the grim history of the haunted mansion that inspired Nox Arcana's debut album.


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