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The Sacred Yes

( Letters From the Infinite vol. 1 )

The voice of the Divine is as near to you as your own breath ? just ask. That's what Reverend Deborah L. Johnson did in 1995. In a moment of darkness, there was nothing she could do but surrender. ?Take me now, oh Lord.? Almost instantly she heard whispers ? and they turned into more than 300 letters from Spirit. Today, she offers 50 of these epistles in The Sacred Yes. ?The process of receiving these letters does not make me special in any way, ? explains Rev. Johnson?whose nondenominational Inner Light Ministries is the spiritual community of more than 1500 people. ?Spirit is equally available to anyone and everyone. We need only take the time to cultivate our spiritual abilities, and to commune often with our sense of the Divine.? The Sacred Yes gives us first-hand experience of the power and transformation available through direct communion with the Infinite. Each letter carries a message that speaks to us individually, yet provides a simple wisdom that serves the collective conscience. The act of unconditional surrender to the unknown?without reservation or hesitation?is what transforms all circumstances into something that benefits all. And according to Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, it happens with one sacred word ? yes.


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Condition: New, New
ISBN: 978-1-59179-480-6
Publisher: Sounds True
Published: 2006
Probably First Edition
First Published: 2006

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