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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a fossil. When under sediment, the flow of ogygen is blocked off, and as water seeps into the sediment, it deposits minerals that gradually replace the orignal wood. Once all of the organic materials of the original wood are completely replaced over time by minerals, although it retains its original structure, the wood becomes petrified.

"Petro" comes from the Greek meaning "rock" or "stone" - thus, meaning "wood turned to stone." All of the original features of the wood are still evident once petrified the tree rings, bark, and wood tissues can be seen. Petrified wood will commonly have cracks, just like regular wood. Sometimes the minerals that replace the wood can create beautiful colors, and sometimes small druzy cavities are present. In some areas, entire forests have been petrified, and become known as petrified forests. Petrified wood can be found in various locations throughout the world.


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