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Here at Atmosphere Books & Gifts we strive to provide you with only the highest quality herbs and botanical products. Please understand that the use of botanicals should always be used with caution and sensibly.

Despite that herbs and botanicals are abundant in nature, one must understand that herbs are medicines and should be respected as thus. With the right knowledge, one can benefit from the abundance of healing and magickal herbs of mother earth. Here we will supply you with the highest quality botanicals to fill your herb cabinets from your kitchen to your altar.

We can not and do not advise in self treatment of any kind and are not responsible for any adverse effects from the misuse of our botanical products. Knowledge is golden...we at Atmosphere Books & Gifts encourage you to read and gain the knowledge and the ability to harness the power of natural herbs to enhance your mind, heal your body, and uplift your spirit.

Most of our herbs are sold cut and sifted and in 2oz. packaging,(unless otherwise indicated). For general information on herbal preparations please visit our Herbal Formulary.


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10% OFF Your HealthmateForever Order with Coupon Code: LIVEPAINFREE



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