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Natural Absolutes

Natural Absolutes are highly concentrated oils derived from flowers, barks, roots, etc., the extraction process uses double food grade solvent distillation which results in a product free from waxes and by products.

Absolutes should always be diluted by carrier oils or alcohol (preferably a high grade vodka). While some absolutes are used for medicinal and theraputic purposes, most are not for consumption and are External Use Only.

We can not and do not advise in self treatment of any kind and are not responsible for any adverse effects from the misuse of our botanical products. Knowledge is golden...we at Atmosphere Books & Gifts encourage you to read and gain the knowledge and the ability to harness the power of natural herbs and herbal remedies to enhance your mind, heal your body, and uplift your spirit.

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Get Yoga Journal for Only $9.95 at Magazineline.com

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