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Stacy Adams

Colour Energy

Colour Energy aromatherapy products focus on bringing energy into the chakras through the sense of smell. Via our sense of smell we can often access hidden and unwanted programs. Using our various aromatherapy products can aid in releasing past blockages that you may have unconsciously locked in an energy center, thereby increasing the energy of that chakra center.

As essential oils are the life force in every living plant, they provide you with benefits that enhance and enrich your body, mind and soul. Each oil has a specific healing quality that correlates to one of your chakra centers. Aromatherapy stimulates your sense of smell. When applied to your skin your body absorbs its healing qualities.

All our aromatherapy products use high quality 100% pure essential oils that are unadulterated with any synthetic agents, thereby ensuring the quality and the purity of the plant’s essence! Each aromatherapy oil and blend of oils has been specially chosen for its therapeutic value. Also for easy use, we have specifically selected and colour coded our oil related “tools” to correspond to the seven different energy centers.


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Stacy Adams